Jun 06, 2024

MEDICAL MARIJUANA: We Urgently Need Nebraskans To Act Now

Posted Jun 06, 2024 9:00 PM

Crista Eggers

LINCOLN, NE - Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana (NMM), the ballot committee leading the effort to put the legalization of medical cannabis before voters in November 2024, announced today that they have qualified 38 counties, to meet the state's requirement of collecting 5% of the voters' signatures in at least 38 Nebraska counties.

“We made the counties our main focus because they require a great deal of time and resources that cannot wait until the last minute. We have the counties, but we have an urgent need to collect bulk signatures. There is no doubt we are farther ahead than in past petition drives, but still have a tremendous push to gather over 30,000 signatures on each petition over the next 27 days to assure we are successful,” said Crista Eggers, NMM’s campaign manager.

Unlike most other campaigns, NMM has not had the millions of dollars in funding, and has driven this campaign mostly grassroots. They have until July 3, 2024 to gather 87,000 valid signatures on each petition, as well as additional overage they need. 

“There is no doubt Nebraskans want to see this on the ballot, so we need them to step up and help make that happen. My personal ask, not as a campaign manager, but as a mother, is that people would react as if their child’s life depends on it and go sign; because for many of us, our child’s life really does depend on it,” said Eggers.

NMM is calling for voters to find a location to sign, which they can do in Omaha and Lincoln at Wine, Beer and Spirits weekdays from 4pm-close, and during open hours all weekend. For other signing locations and more information, go to nmm2024.org/