Jul 09, 2024

BCBSNE donates 450 pieces of computer equipment to kickstart cybersecurity programs in 196 Nebraska high schools

Posted Jul 09, 2024 8:00 PM
BCBSNE Computer Donation (Courtesy Photo)
BCBSNE Computer Donation (Courtesy Photo)

Omaha, Neb. – Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE) recently donated 210 computer desktops and 240 monitors, which will be used to lay the groundwork for cybersecurity programs in 196 high schools across Nebraska. 

BCBSNE collaborated with Nebraska Cybersecurity Network for Education (NCNE) to make the donation to the schools. NCNE works to reduce cyber risk and enhance cyber resilience for its school district  members. 

“At NCNE, one of our goals is to establish cybersecurity programs statewide to address the growing  opportunities in this field of work,” said Andy Boell, cybersecurity director at NCNE. “Nebraska has a lot of  very talented students, but not enough resources to educate them on cybersecurity. We want to keep  these students in Nebraska and educate them as much as we can. Thanks to Blue Cross, we’re able to  keep working toward that goal.” 

According to Cyber Seek, Nebraska has seen a 69% increase in cybersecurity job openings since 2010. 

BCBSNE sees this donation as an opportunity to provide more than just health insurance; it's a chance to  empower Nebraska's students with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the growing field of  cybersecurity, contributing to their personal growth and the state's economy.  

“Our cybersecurity program is always looking for ways to train and engage with the next generation of  cybersecurity professionals,” said Terrance Steinhart, cybersecurity manager at BCBSNE. "We've had the  privilege of training multiple college students in cybersecurity through our strong internship program. We’re honored to extend this education to high school students and look forward to seeing the impact it  will have on the future of the cybersecurity field in Nebraska.” 

Following closely behind BCBSNE’s Healthy Home Team launch, a new community initiative awarding  grants to Nebraska high schools, this donation further exemplifies BCBSNE's commitment to supporting  local education and community health and well-being. 

Learn more about BCBSNE’s community impact at NebraskaBlue.com. 

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