Aug 20, 2019 1:23 PM

Huskers hit the week running with full pads

Posted Aug 20, 2019 1:23 PM

Courtesy: Husker Athletics

The Nebraska football team practiced for just over two hours Monday morning inside the Hawks Championship Center and outside on the Ed and Joyanne Gass practice fields.

Following practice, defensive coordinator Erik Chinander spoke to the media about how the defense began the week of practice.

“I know Coach Frost maybe said the offense didn’t come out as much as he wanted to, but we came out on defense,” Chinander said. “We made a few mental errors when we got tired. He (Frost) gave us a lot of tempo periods today. I thought the energy was really good. There hasn’t been one day where I have been disappointed with the energy of the team. We still got things to work on. We’re not there, but the energy has been really good.”

Chinander continued by sharing his thoughts on the situational scrimmage the team held last Friday.

"I thought we were really good with the ones and twos units,” he said. “You know the threes kind of had that half of football at the end. We have some work to do to develop those young guys. The ones and twos made some good plays and some dumb plays in situations. For instance, we picked off a ball to end the game and instead of just getting down with it, we tried to run it back for a touchdown. Those guys just have to learn those things. It’s really important that Coach (Frost) puts us in those situations, so we can have it happen on August 18 instead of September 30.”

Chinander was then asked about what he has seen from matchups between the offensive and defensive lines.

"It’s really good that in this camp, Coach Frost has gone a lot of ones versus ones,” Chinander said. “He wants a physical practice, so our best guys get their best guys everyday. That’s making us better, and that is making them better. Anytime our d-linemen get to go up against (Matt) Farniok or Brandon (Jaimes) and some of those guys, it is really good for us. Those receivers are causing us some fits out on the perimeter, but it's really good to see it in practice. I am glad we are doing one on ones and two on twos and good versus good for the majority of camp."

With the first game less than two weeks away, Chinander talked about some of the tough decisions he and the coaching staff will need to make regarding the depth chart.

"I think there’s some hard things going on yet,” Chinander said. “The defensive backs, there’s five or six guys that can be starters, and we’ve got to find a way to figure out who is going to walk out there for the first snap. That d-line is pretty deep. What do you do with JoJo (Domann)? Is he ready? The inside linebackers we got three guys, but those are good problems.

“I think what you guys are going to see and what everyone is going to see is a lot of guys rotating in, and I think we need that. Whether you are a starter or not, I would love to have 22 starters and roll that thing through and keep everyone fresh as many reps as we play on defense. There is definitely going to be some decisions on who is out there for the first snap."

The Huskers will continue fall camp on Tuesday in preparation for the first game against South Alabama on August 31.

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Aug 20, 2019 1:23 PM
College football's "top-10 can't miss games" for the upcoming season (7-5)

By: Dave Collins

Eagle Radio Sports Director

Part II

Leading up to kickoff this weekend of the college football season I thought it'd be fun to scope out the national Division I schedule and find the games that we just can't miss watching this fall! Rivalries, non-traditional match-ups of great powers, games with huge implications.....this top-10 has it all and today is games 7, 6 and 5 leading up to my #1 can't miss game of the year later this week. Get primed for kickoff Saturday, it's finally going to be here!

#7 – Miami vs Florida


The season opener on Saturday night, August 24 pits two huge rivals from the most talent-rich state in the country. Both teams have rosters and expectations to compete for their respective division titles, putting them in place for an ACC and SEC championship, which would lead to a potential New Year’s Six bowl.

Throw Florida State in the mix and anytime a combination of those three teams meets it’s also a battle of players who faced each other in high school or were on the same team, adding fuel to the rivalry. Any game featuring a combo of the trio has been a favorite of mine since I was a little kid and they’ve produced some epic games, comebacks and finishes.

With a Saturday night kickoff the fans will be juiced. The only downside is the game isn’t in The Swamp. Miami doesn’t have an on-campus stadium and this one will be played in Orlando at Camping World Stadium. It'll still be solid, and heck, it's the season opener!

The Pick: Gators 21, Canes 20

#6 – LSU at Alabama


Two National Title contenders will meet November 9 in Tuscaloosa. It’s become an annual top-15 match-up, and seven times in the past five seasons either Bama, LSU or both have been in the top-4. Come opening weekend the Tide are #2 and the Tigers are #6 in the AP poll.

The games haven’t lived up to greatness every year however, but this one feels different. Bama is still rolling, but not as fast with the rise of Clemson exposing cracks in the Tide armor. LSU is expecting a huge season and might finally have the offense to score more than 16 points, the most the Tide’s defense has allowed the Tigers since 2014, including two shutouts.

Bama has the easier road to staying unbeaten by the time this one comes in November, whereas LSU has to get by a game at Texas and three tricky SEC games right before this showdown.

The Pick: Tide 23, Tigers 21

#5 – Army at Michigan



Whoa? Who saw this one coming in the top-10 most anticipated games of the season? 

The huge upset, everyone loves to see it....until it happens to your team. This one here would go down in the minds of college football traditionalists as a huge upset by name, but in reality it shouldn’t be a huge surprise.

Army is a throwback to the old school days of running the football as a priority, and almost exclusively. In the past seven seasons the Knights have averaged less than 100 yards a game in the air, and just 28 yards a game two seasons ago. They’ll grind out over 300 consistently though, wear you down and keep the ball out of your hands with a punishing rushing attack.

Michigan is a trendy College Football Playoff pick. Both teams have a lot of strength defensively, but Michigan’s is in the defensive backfield, which won’t be a huge factor seeing as Army's strength is on the ground.

Appalachian State where you at? Colorado’s Miracle in Michigan. Big stunners in the Big House have happened before. Will it happen again? 

Army lost in overtime at #5 Oklahoma last year so they're spotlight-experienced for another big showdown.

The Pick: Michigan 20, Army 19 - OT Knights go for two and the win but come up short on the one yard line in OT.