Dec 09, 2019 5:10 PM

Agenda set for tonight's Chadrom BOE meeting

Posted Dec 09, 2019 5:10 PM

Chadron Public Schools

Board of Education

Regular Board Meeting – 5:30 PM

December 9, 2019

Central Office Board Room

“Infinite Possibilities – Infinite Education”

“Opportunities for All”

Board Goals (Amended 4.8.19):

1. CPS students will either be proficient or meet typical growth in core areas using appropriate grade levels assessments by providing multi-tiered systems of support to ensure equitable learning environments for all students by 2023-24. (Teaching & Learning which includes: College & Career Ready, Assessment, Teacher Effectiveness)

2. Foster a positive/adaptive culture that builds trusting relationships through communication and collaboration with all stakeholders for continuous school improvement. (Positive Partnerships, Relationships, and Student Success)

Notified BOE Member Absences: The Board at the meeting may rearrange the order of the agenda.


a. Welcome and Recognition of Visitors

b. Meeting Called to Order – A complete copy of the Open Meetings Act is posted on the west wall of the boardroom, just inside the doorway.

c. Pledge of Allegiance

d. Determine if a Quorum is Present

e. Motion to Declare the Meeting Properly Publicized and Open to the Public

f. Approval of the Agenda for the December 9, 2019 Regular Board Meeting.

g. Approval of the Minutes from the Regular Board Meeting for November 11, 2019 and Minutes from the Special Board Meeting on December 4, 2019.

“Celebrate to Elevate”

h. Awards and/or Honors-Mr. Dressel awarded 2019 Commissioner’s Talent Pool Award

i. High Fives-Maintenance staff for snow removal and rest of staff for their patience. Chase County FFA for National Parliamentary Procedure Award

j. Recognition of Public Requesting to Comment on Specific Agenda Items


a. Treasurer’s Report – Submitted by Sara Taylor, Business Manager

b. Approval of Bills and Claims - General Fund, Depreciation Fund, Lunch Fund, Cooperative Fund, and Special Building Fund

c. Approval of Bills and Claims - Student Activity Fund and Student Fee Fund


a. Discuss, consider, and take all necessary action on Level II Para Educator Wages-Goals 1-2- Personnel committee recommends an increase of $2/hour-Personnel Committee will investigate comparable positions and their pay scale.


a. Discuss, consider, and take all necessary action on BOE members attending Conferences/Meetings/Trainings Goals 1-2

b. Discuss, consider, and take all necessary action on the following policies-Goals 1-2:

i. Policy 3451 (NEW) Handling of Money for School Sponsored Activities-Second Reading

ii. Policy 5141.6 School Wellness Policy-Second Reading

iii. Policy 3480 Contracting for Services-Reviewed

iv. Policy 3500 Non-Instructional Operations-First Reading

v. Policy 3510 Operation and Maintenance of Plant- First Reading


a. Discuss, consider, and take all necessary action on Unit II Negotiated Agreement 2020-21 & 2021-22 Goal 2-Unit II membership approved.

b. Discuss, consider, and take all necessary action on Superintendent Evaluation Goals 1-2- Please fill out the evaluation form prior to the BOE meeting.


a. Administrator Reports Including: Building Principals, Technology Director, Curriculum Director, and Maintenance Supervisor (Review Enrollment)

b. Board Committee Reports - If any activity has occurred; Finance Committee (2nd Monday @ Noon); American Civics/Curriculum Committee
(3rd Monday @ Noon); Policy Committee (3rd Monday @ 7 AM) Building & Grounds Committee ($7.435+ Million in Projects

to do) (1 st Monday at noon); Personnel Committee (2nd Monday @ 7 AM); Safety Committee; Legislative Committee and Foundation Committee (3rd Wednesday at 7 AM)-On Google docs is a form for recording committee minutes


AQuESTT – Accountability for a Quality Education System Today and Tomorrow AQuESTT is Nebraska’s next-generation accountability system. It aims to meet and exceed statutory requirements for accountability (R.S.S 79-760.06 and 79-760.07) by considering the broader educational experiences and success of students.

a. Leadership & Support Systems for Six (6) Tenets of AQuESTT ESU 13 Enrollment Trends

Rule 10 Listening Meeting w/Robin Stevens State BOE Member December 12 @ 4:30-6PM in CO conference room via Zoom

Final Numbers from DADavidson

Awarded $28,222 from DEQ Waste Grant

Tax Data from Open Sky

Teaching, Learning, & Serving

b. College ; Career Ready & Civic

Contracting with ESU 13 for IFSP Meetings 2nd Semester

c. Assessment

d. Educator Effectiveness

Cody Wolf SPED preschool para educator.

Success, Access, & Support

ve Partnships, Relationships, and Success

Weekly Rotary Meetings

NASB Monthly Update


f. Transitions

g. Educational Opportunities; Access MHTTC Grant for School MH Learning Community Title I Report filed on Delinquent Students in Institutions

h. Thank Yous-


a. Something the BOE did tonight for student learning Goals 1-2

b. Discuss NASB Superintendent Search Goals 1-2

c. Jack Moles, Executive Director, NRCSA-Goal 2

d. Committee Assignments/Trainings for 2020-Goal 2

e. NASB/NCSA Conference Report Goal 2-Tom Menke

f. Discuss MS Academic Interventionist Proposal


a. American Civics/Curriculum Committee Meeting, December 9, 2019 at 5 PM (Public)

b. Policy Committee Meeting-No meeting in December, 2019.

c. Building & Grounds Committee Meeting-January 6, 2020 @ Noon

d. Personnel Meeting-January 13, 2020 at 7 AM

e. Finance Committee Meeting – January 13, 2020 at Noon

f. Regular Board Meeting–January 13, 2020 at 5:30 PM

g. Legislative Committee-

h. Foundation-December 18, 2019 @ 7 AM

i. Superintendent Interviews December 10 & 11, 2019

j. NASB President’s Retreat February 16 & 17, 2020 in Sidney

k. Review Upcoming BOE Calendar-Officer Election; Committee Appointments; Superintendent; Review Superintendent Evaluation Instrument; Calendar Draft; Review Long Term Facility Plans, Strategic Plans, etc; BOE Administrative Retreat, NASB Legal Issues

Conference; Building & Grounds Committee-summer projects; Personnel Committee- Superintendent Goals


Public Participation at Board Meetings 9325.5

The function of meetings of the Chadron Board of Education is to conduct the business of the Chadron Public School District, as

distinguished from providing an open citizen’s forum. In accord with its policy confirming the right and desirability of the public to express its point of view to the board, delegations or individuals are welcome at regular meetings, subject to the following regulations designed to expedite deliberations and provide for full consideration of problems and questions:

1. Visitors to board meetings shall conduct themselves in a dignified manner. Displays of emotion, applause, or other verbal or physical demonstrations of support or opposition to a topic or a person who is speaking are unacceptable.

2. Persons addressing the Board on an item on the agenda will be called on during the public comment section of the agenda or when that respective item is discussed. Persons addressing the Board on an item not on the agenda will be given the opportunity to do so under the public comment section only. No more than a total of ten minutes will be allowed for public discussion of an item not on the agenda. Pursuant to the Open Meetings Act, the board will not take any action on matters that are not on the agenda.

3. To speak to an item on the agenda:

a. Stand during the visitor’s recognition;

b. State your name;

c. State the agenda item to which you wish to speak - your name will be placed under that subject on the agenda and you will be called upon when that subject comes up for discussion, or you may speak on that item during the public comment section;

d. Should a person arrive late and wish to speak to an agenda item yet to be considered, the person’s name, and agenda item must be made available to the chairperson through a principal or the superintendent.

4. A time limit of five minutes per speaker will be allowed. Not more than a total of twenty minutes will be allowed for public discussion of an agenda item. These time limits may be extended by a consensus of the members present.

5. At a public meeting of the board, no person shall orally initiate charges or complaints against individual employees of the district or challenge instructional materials used in the district. All such charges, complaints, or challenges shall be presented through the appropriate district complaint process. Complaints involving the reputation of any person connected with the district will not be heard

by the Board while sitting in public session.

6. Any written or printed materials to be circulated for a meeting of the board of education must be submitted to the superintendent three working days prior to the board meeting. This material will be transmitted to the members of the board for their consideration.

Adopted: 10-10-83 Chadron Public Schools

Amended: 1-11-10 Chadron, Nebraska

Reviewed: 8-11-14



a. Motion for Adjournment

FOOTNOTE – The board of education may go into closed session by an affirmative vote of a majority of its voting members if a closed session is clearly necessary for the protection of the public interest or for the prevention of needless injury to the reputation of an individual.

NOTICE: Except for an emergency, this agenda shall not be altered later than twenty-four hours before scheduled commencement of the meeting.