May 21, 2020 5:31 PM

Nebraska American Legion gives go-ahead for regular season baseball-Updated

Posted May 21, 2020 5:31 PM

By: Mike Glesinger

The Nebraska Athletic Executive Committee has given the go-ahead for American Legion Baseball to be played in Nebraska this summer. The announcement was made Wednesday on the Nebraska American Legion Baseball (NALB) website. Nebraska has already cancelled the Area and State, Junior and Senior Legion Tournaments for this year, but this will allow regular season games to be played.

The NALB recommends that all Nebraska American Legion Baseball teams follow local, State and Federal health guidelines, and participation is completly voluntary. Teams will need to follow the new registration and insurance procedure and the rule book will be updated outlining the new guidelines regarding physical distancing, equipment use, field use and spectators.

On May 11, Governor Pete Ricketts eased the restrictions regarding baseball and softball, to allow practices beginning June 1 and games starting June 18.  Teams will be allowed to schedule games through July 31.

The Alliance First National Bank-Omaha, Spartan Junior and Senior legion teams are planning to play a full schedule of games.. as allowed. General Manager, Marty Dean says games will begin on June 18 and run through August 1....  " We will stay within the guidelines that have been set forth by the CDC, Governor, City of Alliance and the American Legion. As per the guidelines set forth by the Governor,  we regret to inform our community that we will only be allowed to let player’s household members in to watch through the end of June,  if this changes, we will allow spectators as the guidelines allow....also we will not be charging a gate fee this year".  

"The Alliance Spartans Board has also decided to cancel our Enchilada Fundraiser....we thank you for your support."  If you have purchased enchiladas,  you should be contacted by a player or parent in the next week. We will refund your money if requested, otherwise the funds will be used to carry out the season.  Please let me know or the player you purchased from by June 10th so we have adequate time to budget for the season."...  "The Spartan players are also selling the Bull pen raffle tickets. We will hold the raffle even if our season is cancelled with more prizes to give back to those who support us.....Remember this is a time to support our local businesses as they provide much needed support in our communities for youth activities. Buy local to support those who support us." 

KCOW Radio is currently making arrangements to broadcast a number of games this season. Once the schedule is finalized, we will announce our broadcast schedule. The team will also show some games on facebook live.  For additional updates

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May 21, 2020 5:31 PM
Chadron State taking on rival UNK? We just might see it this fall

By: Dave Collins, Sports Director

So, Division II schools are being mandated to cap their football schedules at 10 games.  That's going to cause a lot of changes nationwide, and Chadron State must lop-off a contest from its current 11-game slate.

What a disappointment.  A gut-punch to the slow-building positive momentum we've been seeing for college football to return.

It's understandable to a degree though, seeing as the NCAA is trying to help maintain competitive balance while primarily looking out for the financial health of smaller colleges in relation to travel costs and road trips amid the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.

As expected, CSC Athletic Director Joel Smith confirmed the CSC road games at Missouri S&T and Western Oregon will be the first two considered for removal. 

Keep in mind however, the RMAC hasn't done anything different with its league schedule in response to the pandemic situation yet.  So, if something prevents an RMAC team from playing this fall, or the league makes a change like the NCAA and lowers the number of RMAC games that schools play, CSC could theoretically keep both non-conference match-ups.  I doubt that will be the case, but as we've learned throughout this entire pandemic things change by the hour, and the "I-never-would-have-thought" scenarios have actually come true.

That also got me thinking, since it's now governors and local leadership making primary decisions on opening up the economy, what about the possibility certain states can't play football because of the pandemic?

If that's the case this fall and the sport is essentially forced to end up with inter-conference schedules to fill out a season things could be pretty exciting in Nebraska...

Chadron State could end up kicking-off a game against UNK...  How exciting would that be to get arguably the Eagles biggest rival on the gridiron one more time?!

What about Wayne State?  The Eagles would face former offensive coordinator Logan Masters who went back to his Alma mater in the off-season to help build the Wildcats program he was once a Harlon Hill Trophy finalist for.

Think that's impossible to see this fall?  It's not.  

I asked Smith about it, and he confirmed the idea of scheduling those two schools, or say, Doane College or Nebraska Wesleyan (NAIA schools) has been discussed if in-state games are needed.

Plenty of major restrictions would have to fall in line for that to actually happen. UNK and WSU play in conferences that only hold games within their league borders, so the MIAA or NSIC would have to be forced into a situation where their teams couldn't play only in-house, or a state within those conferences would have to ban schools from play due to the pandemic.

Could CSC play the Huskers?

I mean, at this point the desperation to get a season played is forcing athletic administrators and the NCAA to think way outside of the box, flex regulations, make emergency rulings, and may end up creating the craziest schedules we could ever see.