May 21, 2020 7:53 PM

Eagle Radio recognizes all 'Teacher of the Month' nominations for 2019 - 2020

Posted May 21, 2020 7:53 PM

By Kalin Krohe, Panhandle Post

As the school year was cut short due to COVID-19 pandemic and graduations come to a close our panhandle teachers are still working with their students to help them learn, grow, develop themselves, and end the 2019-2020 school year on a strong note. 

We at Eagle Radio in Alliance and Chadron were sad to see our "Teacher of the Month" promotions also get cut short along with the school year. As a radio family (KCOW, Double Q Country, B 94.7, Panhandle Post) wanted to share all of the nominations we received throughout the year.

The teacher and faculty at our area schools still need to be recognized for all they're doing to work through this interesting and difficult time with their students.

Thank you to all of our area teachers and staff, we appreciate each and everyone of you. Thank you to the parents, fellow co-workers, past students, friends and families who nominated some outstanding teachers over the course of the last school year.

Thank to our sponsors: Upper Niobrara White NRD, Total Reflections Salon, Alliance Dairy Queen, Nebraskaland Tire, Tada Quilt Shop and Art Studio, Helen's Pancake and Steakhouse and Skeeter's Napa who have also gone above and beyond to honor our amazing teachers.

Below you will find a categorized list of all our "Teacher of the Month" nominations by county. 

Box Butte Co:

-Shannon Kinsella, Music teacher at Grandview/Emerson elementary (2 nominations)

"She is an overachiever and always pulls the best out of her students. She is helpful and supports other specialist elementary teachers whenever she can."

-Jennifer Gasseling, 1st grade teacher at Hemingford Public Schools (2 nominations)

"Mrs. Gasseling is an absolute bright spot in all of her students day. She is patient, kind, understanding, caring and supportive of every single student that she is teaching. She is so absolutely passionate about the children and teaching them to be kind, unique and intelligent individuals. Not enough kind words have been said, I know that I have missed many. She is worth more than just a nomination. Jennifer is a wonderful woman who happens to teach our little ones, and for that I am so very grateful."

-Bridget Johnston, 1st grade teacher at Emerson Elementary (9 nominations)

"Mrs. Johnston is an awesome teacher! She always goes above and beyond for her students, she is patient and kind. Mrs. Johnston deserves to be recognized for her teaching abilities but also for being a great person and truly caring about her students learning and well being!"

-Shannon Underwood, teacher at St. Agnes Academy (3 nominations)

"Mrs. Underwood is the highlight of her students’ day. She is patient, kind, always has a smile on her face and plays a huge part in our students learning by teaching them to read, write and be kind. She not only is an amazing teacher, she is an amazing mom who is always on the go."

-Gordon Karney, teacher at Hemingford Public Schools (1 nomination)

"Mr. Karney goes above and beyond for his students and had a passion for teaching."

-Josi Failor, teacher at Grandview Elementary (2 nominations) 

"Hard working, dedicated, caring, great teacher"

-Jill Mueller, Immanuel Lutheran School (4 nominations) 

"Miss Jill has devoted many years to showing genuine love to many students over the years. Together with the rest of the IELS staff year after year they help each child shine. It's always amazing to see the quality of their Christmas programs and how the school reaches out to the community."

-Miss Lauder, 2nd grade teacher at Emerson Elementary (1 nomination)

-Melissa Cordell, 3rd grade teacher at Grandview Elementary (3 nominations)

"Melissa is a 3rd grade teacher at Grandview. She is focused on each and every student and their success as a learner. She accepts challenges with an open mind and is willing to work together with other staff and parents to allow students To reach their full potential. She works hard, stays late and always has a smile, and a song to welcome her kiddos!"

-Gina Osentowski, 4th grade at Hemingford Public Schools (1 nomination)

"She is a very kind teacher, helps students get all work done. Gives freedom to where students can sit, explains instructions carefully and gives examples for every thing before a paper is handed out. Mrs. Osentowski is a very positive teacher for every thing she does."-Ainslee Woltman 4th grade student

-Jenny Nason Lanki, teacher at Kiddie Kampus Preschool (1 nomination)

"Shea such a caring , loving teacher! Takes her time with each of the kids always has wonderful ideas to do with the kids! My daughter absolutely loves going to school she says because ms Jenny is awesome and fun!"

-Ms. Johnson, kindergarten teacher at Emerson Elementary (5 nominations)

"Ms. Johnson is one of the greatest teachers I've ever met. She has always been helpful in every aspect of my child's learning experience. She is very patient with every student she encounters. I am so thankful she has had my children and my nephew. She is an amazing teacher."

-Michelle Osmotherly, 4th grade teacher in Hemingford (7 nominations)

"Mrs. O is an outstanding teacher. She is one that denitely goes above and beyond to make sure each student gets what they need to be successful. She cares for her students just like they were her own. She has a way to get even the most challenging students to work. She knows how to make learning fun and engaging for the students. Mrs. O has high expectations for all students. She is such a huge asset to Hemingford."

-Lauren Moller, Alliance Headstart (3 nominations) 

"She is a wonderful teacher here at headstart and is always putting her kids rst! She is fun and bubbly and always thinking of cool new things to put into the classroom for fun learning!"

-Jayme Clark,  5th grade teacher Hemingford (5 nominations)

"Mrs. Clark is such an outstanding, kind, and caring teacher. The kids absolutely LOVE her. She nds the most creative and best ideas to teach Language Arts to the students. She isn't just a great teacher in the classroom but an awesome Cross Country coach as well. No matter if in the classroom or on the course, all the students want to do well and for Mrs. Clark. She is very well respected by all."

-Michelle Kluver, Spanish teacher at Hemingford High School (5 nominations)

"She is patient, energetic, and always looking for new ways to bring fun into the classroom. Mrs. Kluver is a very happy person and she brings that joy and excitement into her lessons."

-Janelle Martinez, Preschool teacher at St. Agnes Academy (3 nominations)

"Mrs. Martinez is a WONDERFUL caring teacher who always wants the best for her students! She gets the preschool kids off to a great academic start and deserves recognition for all she has done for St Agnes for many years!"

-Erica Haskell, Preschool teacher at Alliance Head Start (1 nomination)

"She is very passionate and amazing at her job. She loves all kids and has a very kind heart for teaching. Teaching preschool is her thing and she does a fantastic job at it."

Dawes Co:

-Sheli Cerny, teacher at Chadron Head Start (85 nominations)

"Eagerness to help children learn and transition into preschool."

-Kristin Ritterbush, teacher at Chadron Primary School (30 nominations)

"Mrs. Ritterbush works hard to make sure her students enjoy learning."

- Mr. Bach, teacher at Chadron High School (2 nominations)

"Even after I was out of high school and went on to college I could come back to my hometown and Mr.Bach would help me with my college math homework! He is an excellent teacher."

-Mrs. Varga, teacher at Trunk Butte Christian School

"It was my daughter's rst year of school and ahe has made the transition so much easier, my daughter loves her and she is very helpful being the main teacher for all the kids!"

-Lauren Stephens, music teacher k-12 at Crawford High School (6 nominations)

"Lauren has been working tirelessly to build up the  band program. She is supportive of all the kids and goes out of her way to help them."

-Mrs. Hoffman,  1st grade teacher Chadron Primary School (2 nominations)

"Mrs. Hoffman goes above and beyond in her teachings. She connects with each student, shows them love and encouragement, all while making learning fun for the kids! She gets parents involved, greets everyone with a bright smile daily and truly makes her students feel like they can conquer the world! My son "loves school" now simply due to the love, encouragement and joy this amazing woman has brought into his educational life! Mrs. Hoffman is honestly the teacher of a lifetime and we are blessed to have our son in her loving care."

-Mrs. Landreth, teacher at Chadron Primary School (1 nomination)

"She is an amazing teacher. The preschoolers have learned so much in such a short time. She has done a wonderful job with our son and I can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings!"

-Misty Jelinek, teacher at Chadron Primary School (1 nomination)

"My child comes home from school with so much excitement about school, and what she has been learning. She loves her teacher and the things shes learning."

Sheridan Co:

-Linda Kudrna, teacher in Hay Springs (5 nominations)

"Linda is a great teacher and a awesome coach. She teaches 7th & 8th grade English and reading. She coaches the Junior High basketball team and is awesome at that. She loves teaching and always helps the kids when they need help. She is the greatest and all the kids love her."

-Mrs Schott, 5th grade teacher at Gordon Elementry (1 nomination)

"She is absolutely amazing . She still believes in each and everyone of her students unfortunately she has gone through a lot her mom passed away and then when her brother was driving home from the funeral he was in a car accident and passed away as well! She was still at school that next week because her students mean so much to her and she knows they are our future...if any one deserves recognition it’s her!"

Morrill Co:

-Joey Dosey, teacher in Bridgeport (1 nomination)

"She is the nicest teacher and deserves recognition."

Scotts Bluff Co:

-Lori Weidaman, 2nd grade teacher at Roosevelt Elementary (45 nominations)

"Mrs. Weidaman is not just the most nicest and kindest person you’ll ever meet but she is an amazing teacher! She cares very much about each and every student that walks through her room. She makes sure that students are always engaged in their learning. Mrs. Weidaman is a teacher that makes everyone feel welcome, both students and staff alike. She is such a tremendous asset to Roosevelt."

-Kayla Robles,  3rd grade teacher at Roosevelt Elementary (10 nominations)

"Mrs. Robles is an incredible teacher that goes the extra mile to make sure that students are understanding the curriculum being taught. She makes adjustments where ever needed so that all students are successful. Mrs. Robles is an overall wonderful, caring teacher."

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