Sep 13, 2020 1:47 PM

Chadron girls, Gering boys win XC meet Saturday

Posted Sep 13, 2020 1:47 PM

By: Con Marshall

                The Chadron girls and the Gering boys continued their winning ways during the Chadron High Invitational Cross Country Meet on Saturday morning.  It was the third meet of the season in the Panhandle and both of Saturday’s winners also finished first at the Panhandle Classic and the Gering Invitational the previous two weeks.

               Chadron’s victory margin was much closer than it had been at the first two meets.  The Lady Cardinals won the Panhandle Classic at Scottsbluff on Aug. 27 with 15 points while the host Bearcats accumulated 21.  Chadron then took top honors by a 14-24 difference over Scottsbluff at the Gering Invite, but Saturday at their home meet the Cards were squeezed out a verdict of just a 33-34 over Sidney. 

 Gering with 39 points and Scottsbluff with 44 also were serious challengers.

               The girls’ individual winner was Gering sophomore Madison Seiler in 21:28.05, a bit more than 12 seconds ahead of Sidney’s Lydia Peters, a junior, and Talissa Tanquary, a freshman, whose times were 21:40.57 and 21:40.95. 

               Scottsbluff senior Brooke Holzworth was fourth in 22:05.40, followed by Gering’s second runner, Shailee Patton, in 22:48.99.  Then came Chadron’s first two runners, freshman Grace Pyle in 23:04.00 and sophomore Makinley Fuller in 23:14.26. 

               Chadron got a big boost Saturday from its leading runner last year, Mackenzie Anderson, now a junior.  She had not finished among her team’s top four at the previous two meets this fall, but she was the Cards’ third runner Saturday with a time of 23:22.06, good for ninth place overall.

Chadron sophomore Emma Witte crossed the finish line just 10 seconds later while earning the 11th place in team scoring.  None of the other teams had four runners place in the top dozen.

Gordon-Rushville freshman Tyrah American Horse and Scottsbluff senior Jamisyn Howard finished eighth and tenth, respectively, in the individual placings.

The Gering boys won their third team title this season by a wide margin again.  Paced by senior Peyton Seiler, brother of the girls’ gold medalist, the Bulldogs tallied 27 points.  Sidney was the runner-up with 46, Mitchell was third with 56, Chadron fourth with 64 and Scottsbluff fifth with 71.

Gering won the Panhandle Classic boys’ title by a 14-28 margin over Mitchell and took its own meet by a 27-34 difference over the Tigers. 

Seiler’s winning time Saturday was 18:24.26 while Mitchell senior Ashtyn Martin was the runner-up in 19:32.31, a difference of almost exactly eight seconds.  The pair were seven seconds apart while also finishing one-two at the Gering Invite.

Two Sidney entries, juniors Daniel Bashtovio and Mitchell Deer, were third and fourth at the Chadron Meet, in 18:38.15 and 18:51.15.  Fourth place went to another Mitchell senior, Caden Knutson, followed by Gering seniors Tyler Nagel and Logan Andrews. 

Scottsbluff freshman Hans Bastron was the first underclassman to complete the 5K race. He was eighth, one notch ahead of Chadron’s first finisher, Carter Ryan, a junior.

Garden County sophomore Nate Billey rounded out the boys’ top 10.

Alliance will host the next challenge for many of the same teams this coming Saturday, Sept. 19.

               Girls’ Team Standings--1, Chadron, 33; 2, Sidney, 34; 3, Gering, 39; 4, Scottsbluff, 44; 5, Gordon-Rushville, 73; 6, Alliances, 109; 7, Mitchell, 114.

               Individual Top 20--1, Madison Seiler, Gering, 21:08.05; 2, Lydia Peters, Sidney, 21:40.57; 3, Talissa Tanquary, Sidney, 21:40.95; 4, Brooke Holzworth, Scottsbluff, 22:05.40; 5, Shailee Patton, Gering, 22:48.99; 6, Grace Pyle, Chadron, 23:04.00; 7, Makinley Fuller, Chadron, 23:14.26; 8, Tyrah American Horse, Gordon-Rushville, 23:20.77; 9, Mackenzie Anderson, Chadron, 23:22.06; 10, Jamisyn Howard, Scottsbluff, 23:27.77.

               11, Jillian Brennan, Crawford, 23:30.16; 12, Emma Witte, Chadron, 23:32.17; 13, Kaylee Charbonneau, Scottsbluff, 23:32.72; 14, Madison Herbel, Gering, 23:43.49; 15, Jenju Peters, Sidney, 24:02.19; 16, Rheo Dykstra, Sidney, 24:15.61; 17, Micaiah Fuller, Chadron, 24:26.07; 18, Katelyn Beshara, Rapid City Central, 24:36.40; 19, Brenna Bostock, Gordon-Rushville, 25:50.00; 20, Sunny Edens, Scottsbluff, 25:20.59.

               Boys’ Team Standings--1, Gering, 27; 2, Sidney, 46; 3, Mitchell, 56; 4, Chadron, 64; 5, Scottsbluff, 71; 6, Garden County, 89; 7, Rapid City Christian, 131; 8, Alliance, 132; 9, Rapid City Central, 138.

               Individual Top 20--1, Peyton Seiler, Gering, 18:24.26; 2, Ashtyn Martin, Mitchell, 18:32.31; 3, Daniel Bashtovio, Sidney, 18:38.15; 4, Mitchell Deer, Sidney, 18:51.34; 5, Caden Knutson, Mitchell, 19:04.94; 6, Tyler Nagel, Gering, 19:08.91; 7, Logan Andrews, Gering, 19:12.60; 8, Hans Bastron, Scottsbluff, 19:15.26; 9, Carter Ryan, Chadron, 19:17.90; 10, Nate Billey, Garden County, 19:20.72.

               11, Easton Anderson, Mitchell, 19:29.71; 12, Bennett Selfridge, Rapid City Christian, 19:30.86; 13, Jack Franklin, Gering, 19:33.63; 14, Caden Keller, Scottsbluff, 19:35.03; 15, Eli Marez, Gering, 19:33.51; 16, Caden Galbraith, Chadron, 19:39.09; 17, Jace Freeseman, Gordon-Rushville, 19:41.17; 18, Michael Christiansen, Garden County, 19:41.95; 19, Treyson Johnstone, Sidney 19:49.27; 20, Nathan Burch, Chadron, 19:55.78.