Mar 29, 2024

๐Ÿ”Š Could the new NFL kickoff rule become the norm at Chadron State games?

Posted Mar 29, 2024 2:35 PM

By: Dave Collins
Sports Director

The NFL has passed some significant rule changes for the upcoming season, which could end up down at the D2 college level someday and that would mean we'd see some wild new stuff at Elliott Field!

Special teams and kickoffs are always under the rule-making microscope and CSC Head Coach Jay Long offers up thoughts and insight into the inevitability of change to the game of football

This fall in the pros kickoffs will look like the XFL model where the kicking team has its coverage unit lined up on the receiving team's 40 yard line. The return team will set up its blockers between the 30-35 yard lines.  The league hopes the change will reduce injury risk as well as increase the amount of kickoff returns instead of touchbacks.

Coach Long played a key role in kick coverage during his career and looks at the situation from both the old-school traditionalist view and through the lens of football's future.

Long has been a part of committees that help consider and decide on rule changes in D2 football, and it typically takes some time before changes that happen above trickle down into the college game. Stay tuned, but it will all look "normal" for now when CSC kicks off the season against Nebraska-Kearney in August.

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