Oct 18, 2021 3:17 PM

Ricketts urges Board of Ed to push back on Biden's 'attack on parental input'

Posted Oct 18, 2021 3:17 PM

LINCOLN – Today, Governor Pete Ricketts issued a statement urging the Nebraska State Board of Education to push back on recent direction from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).  The DOJ recently directed the FBI to investigate parents who strongly express disagreement with the policies of their local, taxpayer-funded schools.

“The direction from President Biden’s DOJ to the FBI to investigate concerned parents is appalling and chilling,” said Gov. Ricketts.  “It is not the role of federal officials to intervene in local school board meetings.  The DOJ must pull back from this overreach that threatens our First Amendment rights and seeks to marginalize the voices of parents in the education of their children.  Any threat deserving investigation should be handled by local law enforcement – not federal officials.  I urge the Nebraska State Board of Education to join a growing number of their peers in pushing back on the Department of Justice by making it clear that they will protect free speech and welcome vigorous dialogue on tough topics.”

According to media reports, at least 18 national state school organizations have pushed back on the call for the federal government to conduct such investigations.  States include Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia among others.  A full list can be found by clicking here.

A copy of the DOJ’s memo can be found by clicking here.