Jan 05, 2021 5:52 PM

PPHD: Vaccine reminder for 75 and older, 213 more virus cases in the Panhandle

Posted Jan 05, 2021 5:52 PM


Vaccine reminder: Anyone 75 and older and interested in getting a COVID vaccine, please call 308-262-5764 or 308-633-2866 ext. 101 and leave a message with your name, date of birth, county, and phone number. The form can also be completed at https://tinyurl.com/ycpxzr5d. This will put you on the list and you will be called when vaccines are available. It may be several weeks.

To date, 2,108 people in the eligible populations have received the COVID vaccine in the Panhandle. This number will continue to increase with each weekly distribution to the eligible populations at the corresponding times.

There are COVID treatments proven to work, one being monoclonal antibody treatment (Bamlanivimab or bam). This is available at long-term care facilities and for the general population. It has been shown to have a 70% reduction in hospitalization and improved symptoms.

The infusion takes about three hours, and patients will be charged an outpatient administration fee but not charged for the medication. Improvements can be seen anywhere from one to three days after treatment. However, this does not shorten the length of time needed to stay isolated.

Ivermectin is a common drug with livestock and horses in the form of creams or oral drugs. For humans, it can be prescribed for use as an antiparasitic drug or topical cream. 

While there are approved uses for ivermectin in people and animals, it should not be used to prevent or treat COVID. This can cause serious harm including facial/limb swelling, cardiac issues, neurologic adverse events, liver injury, and hospitalizations.

No medicine to treat or prevent COVID should be taken unless prescribed by your healthcare provider and acquired from legitimate sources. Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) are ongoing regarding the use of ivermectin. These will determine if it works or not and is safe for people.

FDA FAQ regarding COVID and ivermectin: https://tinyurl.com/y3u9mn2b.

Six additional COVID-related deaths in the Panhandle are being reported. This brings the total deaths in the Panhandle to 120. The deaths are being announced as follows:

  1. Cheyenne County
  2. Female in her 70s
  3. Male in his 70s
  4. Garden County male in his 80s
  5. Kimball County male in his 70s
  6. Morrill County female in her 80s
  7. Sheridan County female in her 80s

“We share our deepest condolences with the friends and loved ones in the loss of our fellow Panhandle residents and wish you moments of peace and comfort,” said Kim Engel, Panhandle Public Health District Director.

Unified Command confirms 213 more cases of COVID in the Panhandle since last reporting on Monday, December 28. The investigations are underway, all close contacts will be quarantined.

March 2, 2020-January 4, 2021

  1. Total Tests Conducted: 30,617
  2. Positive: 7,740
  3. Last 14 days (active) cases: 382
  4. Last week’s cases: 209
  5. Last week’s positivity rate: 27.5%
  6. Deaths: 120
  7. Active Hospitalizations: 21
  8. Total Cumulative Hospitalizations: 471
  9. Doubling time (November 9, 2020-January 3, 2021): 55 days