Jul 14, 2022

Alliance police release 'Heritage Days' reminders

Posted Jul 14, 2022 7:26 PM

By Alliance Police Department

Heritage Days 2K22 is upon us.  *PLEASE SHARE*

Photo by APD
Photo by APD

Here are some things to remember:

• If you see a something say something!

-If you have a crime to report use the non-emergency number: (308)762-4955.

-In an emergency Call 911 or Text 911 if unable to call

•Don’t make yourself a victim!

-Lock your vehicles.

-Lock your bikes, scooters, etc.

-Have trusted friends hold valuables while on rides.

•Lost and Found is located at our Police VIP Booth.

-In the middle of the 400 block of Box Butte.

-VIPS can assist you in reporting incidents as well.

•Drive slow and cautiously downtown.

-Watch for children darting into traffic.

-Watch for increased traffic in intersections.


•Don’t ride the Gravitron…You’ll just get a headache and vomit. Just kidding, but please vomit in the trash cans.