Jan 13, 2022

Alliance auto shops give back to the community

Posted Jan 13, 2022 5:00 PM

By Kalin Krohe, Panhandle Post

Alliance auto shops have been giving back to the community for years to help citizens and grow Alliance. 

B & S Repair Shop enjoys helping their customers and giving back to the community. 

"We donate a lot," B & S owner Bobby Rog said. "Me and Spencer [Sanchez] have donated a lot to cancer patients. We help the Bad Boys baseball team. We donated to quite a few organizations last year. I think we had about $3,500 in donations. We're here for the community and we want to be part of the community and help as much as we can. During the holidays last year, a person didn't have money to get their car fixed...so we went ahead and did it for free. Everybody has hard times, everybody needs help. Me and Spencer go above and beyond to help as many people as we can."

Alliance Motors has been giving back to the community by partnering with Alliance Police Department's "Lights On" program and donating to the schools. 

According to the APD, when citizens observe someone who has an equipment violation on their car they are provided a voucher. Officers are also equipped with vouchers for traffic stops, but traffic stops aren’t emphasized.

The goal is to partner with the community for safety without an increase in traffic stops or making stops disproportionate regarding race or class.

"I think we are the only ones doing that," Alliance Motors Manager Jeff Erickson said. "It's been a good program. We've done a lot of them. Some of these light bulbs are really expensive so it's kind of hard for some people to afford them right now. I feel like we're helping the community by helping with that program. Of course, we're always trying to support the kids. That's what mostly I like to do with sports."

Red Beard Garage and Towing enjoys helping the Alliance community as well. They've donated to many businesses and non-profits in Box Butte County. 

"Honestly, I think I donate to everything in our community," Red Beard Garage owner Lee Fritzler said. " I feel that’s what keeps our small town growing."

Rasmussen Performance and Repair (RPR) and Steve's Light Truck are proud to aid in giving back to Alliance. 

"We always try to help out with the kids and younger generation by funding sports and equipment...and school events," RPR owner Blaine Rasmussen said. "They are in fact our future, so we must do what we can to help them thrive and succeed. The holiday season is tough for some people so every year we give away several hams and turkeys to people in need. Every day we thrive to do the best we can at an affordable price. The strength and determination our community has is a wonderful thing and RPR is proud to be part of it."

These auto shops are just a few in a long line of charitable efforts and causes supported by local businesses in Alliance and throughout the Panhandle.

Panhandle Post encourages everyone to support local businesses.