Feb 23, 2021 3:56 PM

Northwest Nebraska: No better direction to find yourself

Posted Feb 23, 2021 3:56 PM

By Kerri Rempp, Discover Northwest Nebraska Director

They say it’s all about the journey, and in Northwest Nebraska that’s certainly true.

Known for our wide-open spaces, Northwest Nebraska allows you to move beyond touristy destinations and embrace a slower pace of life. You won’t be caught in traffic jams – unless they’re of the four-legged variety, and there won’t be crowds to hem you in. Each breath will fill your lungs with clean air. The night skies will light up your soul, and our museums and fossil record will take you back in time.

So what will you do when you get here?

· Take a Drive: Try one of our Roads Less Traveled trips. Complete with a Google Map, each of these trips get you out on our backroads to explore some of our top destinations. On the way, you’ll see some of the most spectacular scenery in the state, learn more about the region’s history and have a chance to see plenty of wildlife. If the backroads aren’t exactly your style, no worries. Keep to the pavement and travel our two Scenic Byways and explore our geological record along the Fossil Freeway.

· Grind that Gravel: With more than 1,200 miles of gravel roads, mountain bikers have plenty of opportunities to complete their next gravel grind. Check out our Gravel Grinding Adventures, compiled by a local cyclist who also provides a few tips. Each Gravel Grinding Adventure features a Google Map with riding directions, or use one of our Roads Less Traveled driving tours to challenge yourself. Whatever option you choose, it’s guaranteed to be an adventure!

· Stroll Our Cities: Meander through Chadron’s Downtown Historical District, check out Chadron’s Art Alley or immerse yourself in the artwork at Chadron State College with one of our Sole to Soul walking tours. The walking tours include a link to a Google Map to guide you. Once you’re done soaking up the art and architecture, wander into our shops and find some souvenirs to remember your Northwest Nebraska journey after you return ho

Fur Trade mural in Chadron's Art Alley
Fur Trade mural in Chadron's Art Alley

· Hit the Trail: Looking for something more challenging? Northwest Nebraska has more than 200 miles of trails suitable for hiking, biking and horseback riding. Trails for all experience levels wind through our bluffs, the pine forests, coldwater streams, grasslands and badlands. Download a copy of our Trail Guide to help you find your way. As you traverse the region, you’re likely to see abundant wildlife, including wild turkeys, mule and white-tailed deer, elk, bighorn sheep, pronghorn antelope, coyotes, foxes, raccoons, porcupines, sharp-tailed grouse, ducks, wild geese, pheasants and more.

· Enjoy the Water: Kayak or tube the White River at Fort Robinson State Park, spend the day at Box Butte State Recreation Area boating and fishing or work on your Trout Slam at one of our local streams. Try a paddleboat ride or drop a line at Chadron State Park’s pond.

· Explore Frontier History: Visit one of our several museums to learn about fur trading in North America, local pioneer history, the region’s geological importance and so much more. Dozens of State Historical Markers also provide context for the region’s important place in history.

General Store exhibit at the Dawes County Historical Museum
General Store exhibit at the Dawes County Historical Museum

Looking for more ideas on how to enjoy Northwest Nebraska? Check out our Things To Do, Attractions, Events and Parks & Wildlands pages or request a free travel guide and start planning your trip today.

It’s sure to be a journey you won’t forget so set your compass for Northwest Nebraska. There’s No Better Direction.