Sep 19, 2023

Nebraska Extention provides overview of crop water use in Panhandle

Posted Sep 19, 2023 3:51 PM

By Panhandle Post
Alex Benzegala

Irrigation season is closing soon in the Panhandle, Gary Stone, Nebraska Extension Educator with the Panhandle Research and Extension Center provides an overview of the water use in the region this season.

"The most water we used was the week prior to July 4, a little over two inches," Stone said. "The least amount of water was somewhere around mid-May and the average each week was one and a half inches." 

Stone says the season went well and that there are resources to help growers in the future, and that includes receiving text messages when the crop water use figures are released. 

To visit the site to register, go to the Peer Learning Agricultural Network website The estimated crop water use is based on data gathered and calculations made by Nebraska Extension personnel.