Aug 26, 2021

Alliance Police Department start 'Criminopoly' program

Posted Aug 26, 2021 12:00 PM

By Alliance Police Department

The Alliance Police Department has implemented a new program. 

Loosely  based on the well-known board game “Monopoly”, we proudly introduce “Criminopoly”.

Criminopoly is a creative way to help our department work toward achieving three of the goals listed in our Strategic Plan: Community Partnership, Prevent Crime and Disorder, and Enhance Police Effectivity, Efficiency and Euphoria.

As part of this program, officers are:

1) placing notices on unlocked cars, open garage doors and storage lockers with insufficient locks

2) encouraged to make community contact for feedback, and

3) distributing “Caught Doing Good” cards, which provide a free blizzard from Dairy Queen to the recipient.

Alliance Police Chief Philip Lukens
Alliance Police Chief Philip Lukens

It is our goal that Criminopoly will give our officers the opportunity to proactively prevent crime, enhance community partnerships and improve our work environment.

For additional information, we invite you to visit: to hear Chief Lukens discuss this program or visit