May 03, 2021 2:40 PM

CPD reminds residents to maintain weeds, overhanging branches

Posted May 03, 2021 2:40 PM

By Chadron Police Chief Richard Hickstein

Spring is here and the Chadron Police Department would like to request your assistance, again this year, in maintaining weeds in lots and yards per City Ordinances §11-304, §11-305 and §11-307, as well as overhanging branches and curb lines per City Ordinances §13-114 and §13-119.

We offer this friendly reminder to mow, trim or spray your property or properties, and to trim branches encroaching on sidewalks, alleys and roadways early and on a regularly basis.

The City of Chadron realizes that at times it is difficult to trim around some corners or obstacles in yards or on other property every week, whether that be from lack of trimming equipment, time or other factors, to that end we primarily focus on the majority of the yard for enforcement of City Ordinance §11-304. While any growth in excess of twelve inches is enforceable by City Ordinance, we trust that pride in our community and cooperation with current City Ordinances will prevent necessary enforcement of excessive growth left for extended periods of time.

Additionally, lots designated for haying will be responsible for trimming of areas not affected by haying; signs, utilities, trees, etc. must be trimmed as well maintaining a five (5) foot mowed perimeter around the edge of each field.

Low hanging branches or excessive growth of bushes or trees, in alleyways and around sidewalks pose safety issues for pedestrians and our waste management personnel. We ask all residents to check these areas on their properties.

City ordinance requires branches to be trimmed to a height of at least 8 feet above the surface of any sidewalk and 10 feet above the surface of any street or alley.

For questions or comments regarding City Ordinances presented in this article, please contact us at the Chadron Police Department at (308) 432-0510.