Jan 18, 2023

UPDATE: City of Alliance declares snow emergency

Posted Jan 18, 2023 7:15 PM

By City of Alliance 

The City of Alliance has declared a snow emergency until Thursday, January 19th at 5pm.

Residents who live on designated snow routes are asked to please have all vehicles removed from the street to ensure accessibility for the City crews and emergency personnel. Due to the predicted snow totals, crews will be plowing snow on these routes multiple times. Per the City of Alliance Municipal Code Ordinance No. 2883, Sec.24-27, please note that it is the duty of the owner of every lot or parcel adjacent to a permanent sidewalk to clean off and remove all snow within 24 hours after snow accumulation, however, snow shall not be moved from lots, driveways, or adjacent sidewalks into the city streets, alley or neighboring lots. Such an offense shall be considered a misdemeanor and is punishable by a $100.00 fine. The Alliance Police Department will attempt to make contact with owners of any vehicles left parked on designated snow routes. Any vehicles not moved will be towed.

For more information, contact Ross Grant at 762-1907 or [email protected]

The following streets are declared to be snow emergency routes within the city.

1.  U.S. Highway 385, 87 and 2 within the corporate limits

2.  Cody Ave from Third Street to Kansas Street

3.  Emerson Ave from the northern corporate limits to 3rd Street

4.  Box Butte Ave from 25th Street to First Street

5.  Mississippi Ave from Tenth Street to Third Street

6.  Potash Ave from Third Street to Kansas Street

7.  Third Street from Flack Ave east to the corporat limits

8.  All of 10th Street within the corporate limits

9.  16th street from Buchfinch Ave to Box Butte Ave

10.  25th street from Emerson to Sweetwater Ave

11.  Kansas Street from Highway 2 to Highway 385

12.  Buchfinch Ave from 10th to 16th Street

13.  Black Hills Ave from 3rd Street to 10th Street

14.  6th Street from Mississippi to Grand Ave

15.  Grand Ave from 6th to 7th  Street

16.  7th Street from Grand to Mississippi Ave

17.  8th Street from Dakota to Mississippi Ave