May 27, 2022

Alliance Police Department teams up with 'Know Your Force'

Posted May 27, 2022 7:05 PM

By Alliance Police Department

ALLIANCE —Know Your Force announced today their partnership with Alliance Police Department to advance community relations by using a streamlined community survey sys-tem. Know Your Force helps police departments gather continuous feedback data from their community, enabling deeper insights into citizen voices and up-to-date information about their officers on an ongoing basis.

“It is a great opportunity for our police department and community to team with Know Your Force. When someone has an interaction with one of our police officers, they are given a business card. Each officer’s business card has a specific QR-code. Scanning the QR-code allows individuals to complete a survey and give instant feedback on the interaction.” – Alliance Police Lieutenant Cody Buskirk.

This announcement showcases a joint commitment to transparent communication. It reduces the friction typically associated with community-survey programs by leveraging On-the-Stop surveys, where feedback is received the moment an interaction occurs. Know Your Force’s mission is to bridge the gap in communication and transparency through modern technology. The Know Your Force survey system enables police departments to access and evaluate citizen feedback to help build trust and improve transparency between police and their communities.

Chief Lukens stated, “This is just another step for police aiding in quality of life improvement in Alliance. It is a part of the foundation in Community Partnership and Enhancing Police Effectivity, Efficiency and Euphoria. Two of the departments’ three goals. We want to give an exceptional service to Alliance and we need constant feedback to know how we are doing.”