Jan 13, 2021 7:55 PM

Pizza Hut in Alliance moves into new building

Posted Jan 13, 2021 7:55 PM

By Kalin Krohe, Panhandle Post

The Alliance Pizza Hut has moved to a new location with a complete upgrade and new management. 

The new Pizza Hut location is at 1239 West 3rd Street. 

"I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that the Alliance Pizza Hut was one of the first Pizza Hut locations that the management company bought," said Kaelyn Young, Pizza Hut General Manager. "It was time to get us out of the old building. Just revamp it and get us up to the potential that they knew we could run at...when we couldn't do that in our old store."

The new location has added many different amenities. 

"Immediately when you walk in, you can see that we have a hospitality bar," said Young. "It's a mixture of a salad bar and a normal bar where you have alcohol...so we have a bar seating. Our dining room is incredibly open. It's beautiful. It's spacious. It's very aesthetically pleasing. We have TV's that constantly have games playing. So if there's any time you want to walk in and catch a game, drink some beer, eat some wings...perfect place to go to do that."

With the new move, Pizza Hut is now closer to the center of Alliance. 

"It's easier for us, especially with delivery, to get to point A to point B in a very timely manner," Young added. "We're more easy to locate. You know the people who come to Alliance to visit...if they're on their way to Wyoming or if they're on their way to South Dakota, you can see us from the highway. Which is incredibly nice because Pizza Hut is a family brand. We're very well known."

Panhandle Post asked what will happen to the old location. 

"We're not sure," Young said. "For the time being, just with the sheer amount of sales we're had this past week, we're kind of just using it as a storage location to make sure that we can fulfill the needs of the people of Alliance. Beyond that we haven't really decided what's going to happen to that old building."