Jul 09, 2024

Upper Niobrara White NRD Crop Water Use Report, week of July 8

Posted Jul 09, 2024 3:09 PM

Over the past week, corn used 0.56 inches.

Expected use by corn for this week is 1.02 inches.

In the past week, beets used 0.37 inches.

Expected use by beets for this week is 0.65 inches.

Over the past week, potatoes used 0.84 inches.

Expected use by potatoes for this week is 1.44 inches.

Over the past week, dry beans used 0.07 inches.

Expected use by dry beans for this week is 0.11 inches.

Over the past week, soybeans used 0.66 inches.

Expected use by soybeans for this week is 1.14 inches.

Over the past week, sunflowers used 0.11 inches.

Expected use by sunflowers for this week is 0.19 inches.

Over the past week, wheat used 0.55 inches.

Expected use by wheat for this week is 0.95 inches.

Over the past week, alfalfa used 1.1 inches.

Expected use by alfalfa for this week is 1.98 inches.

In past week, actively growing lawns used 0.85 inches.

Expected use by actively growing lawns for this week is 1.6 inches.

In the past week average ET gage readings were 1.1 inches.

The average rainfall for the district was 0.51 inches.

The weather forecast for the next week shows highs being in the 90’s and 100’s and the lows being in the 60’s.

The crop water use report is completed using the average growth stage for each crop and ET gage reading from across the district. To find the conversion for your specific crop growth stage visit https://nawmn.unl.edu/GrowthStageData

For more information or to inquire about ET gages or soil moisture monitoring equipment, please contact Robbin Randall at the Upper Niobrara White Natural Resources District at 308.432.6190 or visit our website at www.unwnrd.org. We are committed to helping Nebraskans conserve and protect groundwater.