Feb 01, 2023

City of Alliance explains how snow removal operates, maintained

Posted Feb 01, 2023 1:30 PM

By City of Alliance

Did you know?

A few facts about maintaining the city streets.
City crews maintain 183 lane-miles of streets, providing sweeping, moving snow and general maintenance.

The following equipment is used to remove snow:

1. Five dump trucks with plows.

2. One wheel loader (makes openings in windrow to allow traffic flow and pushes piles created by paddle scrapers)

3. One road grader

4. One skid steer

5. One pickup with plow

6. The landfill assists with their paddle scraper

7. Contractor assists with paddle scraper

8. Water department assists with a backhoe

Why are some streets cleared better than others?

Different equipment clears snow and ice differently than others. Road graders have cutting edges that can get under the packed snow and ice to clear the streets to pavement. Truck plows push snow off the roadway, but run across packed snow and ice.

Why does it take so long to clear the streets of snow and ice?

There are several answers to this question.

1. Equipment used to remove snow and ice must be driven at low speeds.

2. The amount of accumulation is also a factor. Larger accumulations means longer clearing time.

3. Emergency Snow Routes are given priority over all other streets and may need to be cleared more than once.

4. Weather conditions such as high winds and drifting cause longer clearing times.

5. Traffic volume also affects clearing times.

Ideally, snow removal would take place at night when traffic volumes are low, however this is dependent on when the snow starts and stops.

You can find more information about our snow removal process, and our Snow Removal Ordinance at: https://www.cityofalliance.net/321/Snow-Removal

The City of Alliance thanks you for your patience and courtesy to our employees during this time.