Jul 21, 2021

Alliance council proclaim July 21 'Drew Varner and Brock Brass Day'

Posted Jul 21, 2021 4:25 PM

By Kalin Krohe, Panhandle Post

During the July 20 Alliance City Council meeting, council issued a proclamation in recognition of two Alliance lifeguards that saved the life of a swimmer at Big Blue Bay. 

Drew Varner and Brock Brass saved a child that was drowning on June 23. 

The Alliance City Council proclaimed July 21 "Drew Varner and Brock Brass Day".

From left to right: Earl Jones, Brock Brass, Drew Varner, Brian Mischnick, Annora Bentley, Mike Dafney
From left to right: Earl Jones, Brock Brass, Drew Varner, Brian Mischnick, Annora Bentley, Mike Dafney

"The next item is a very special item," Alliance Mayor Mike Dafney said. "It's something that will be a first in the several years that I've been here to do something like this. It's really an honor to be able to do this."  

The proclamation read as follows:

WHEREAS, On the afternoon of June 23, 2021 two City of Alliance lifeguards acted quickly and bravely to save the life of a young swimmer at the Big Blue Bay; and

WHEREBY, On that day, Drew Varner and Brock Brass were working at their lifeguard posts adjacent to the diving board and deep end of the pool when Drew noticed that a swimmer seemed to be in distress; Drew descended from the lifeguard chair and dove into the water to rescue the swimmer; and

WHEREBY, Brock witnessed Drew rescuing the child and immediately went to the pool side to assist, pulling the swimmer from the pool; Brock then completed a preliminary assessment, rolling the victim to his side to allow the water out of his airway - resulting in the child coughing to clear the airway; Meanwhile, other staff members called 911 to request ambulance service; and

WHEREAS, The swimmer was breathing when Emergency Medical Technicians arrived, who then assessed the boy and transferred the youth to the hospital for further observation; and

WHEREAS, These two lifeguards successfully performed their lifesaving responsibilities as a result of many hours of training and vigilance, which resulted in a positive outcome for the swimmer and his family; and

WHEREAS, These young men epitomize many of the values to which the City of Alliance and its citizens strive, namely: dedication, responsibility, bravery, sacrifice and service.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Mike Dafney, Mayor of the City of Alliance, on behalf of the Alliance City Council and citizens of Alliance, do hereby express our gratitude for, and recognition of, the lifesaving skills and swift and appropriate action of Drew Varner and Brock Brass, and do hereby proclaim Wednesday, July 21, 2021 as: "Drew Varner and Brock Brass Day".

AND I urge all citizens to join me in honoring Drew Varner and Brock Brass for their heroic efforts.

The Alliance Police and Fire Chief spoke to express their gratitude to Varner and Brass as well. 

"We just want to give you guys...from the police department perspective...it's a dedication to the community and what you did, so we have an outstanding service award on behalf of the police department," Alliance Police Chief Philip Lukens said. 

"Not really sure what you guys are planning after you're done being the lifeguard, but the fire department could use men like you," Alliance Fire Chief Troy Shoemaker said. "We appreciate what you did. It's always been a pleasure to work with the pool staff."

In other business, council:

- Recognized the promotions of Cody Buskirk to Alliance Police Lieutenant and Sam Mullins to Street Foreman

-Approved on first reading an ordinance that will prohibit motorized and non-motorized recreation vehicles such as skateboards, bicycles and skates on designated areas of the municipal parks. There was a recent incident at the Alliance Sunken Gardens. 

-Held a public hearing on Blomenkamp Investments LLC. They will be building the new Runza Restaurant in Alliance. 

-Approved the 2021-2022 liability and property insurance renewal with Gregory's Insurance. 

-Approved a bid award to Peltz Companies for the tennis court rehabilitation project. The bid included a base bid in the amount of $219,600. There is also an alternate bid for an additional $79,000, which provides the tennis court surfacing. 

-Approved a bid award to K.L. Wood and Co. for the SkyView Golf Course storm damage repairs. The bid was in the amount of $107,752.15.